Media’s Effect on Children

Media’s Effect on Children

Television, video games, hand-held technology devices, and computers are all a part of most children’s lives.  The effects of too much media consumption are unhealthy weights and lack of physical activity; not to mention the unhealthy snacking that too often occurs while watching.  In addition, children are exposed to thousands of ads for unhealthy foods. With all of the time spent inactive in front of a screen, what can you do to help your child watch less:

  •  Allow your children to watch no more than one hour per day-this includes video games, computer, and hand-held devices. 
  • Instead of turning on the television or playing video games, go outside and be active.  Take a walk or bike around your neighborhood.
  • Encourage drawing, reading out loud or alone, singing, and outdoor activities instead of using media.
  • Turn the TV off and don’t allow hand held devices during mealtime.
  • Begin to educate your child about advertising and help them understand they are selling a product.

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